Audio by Meridian

 We sell and install Meridian Digital Media Systems (for music and for cinema surround sound).

Meridian provides digital sound consulting to record labels and movie studios. You even hear Meridian digital sound at work when you play back a Blu Ray movie disc at home. And in McLaren sports cars and the Range Rover Evoque.  Meridian systems take any audio source (TV, DVD, phone, computer, streaming internet radio), and plays the source back in high-resolution.

The Meridian Digital Media interface is the world’s best way to find anything musical you want to listen to. The bigger your library, the more you need this interface to catalog, sort, retrieve, and play back your music. Let us prove how much better and more enjoyable this is than any other way you’ve ever accessed your music collection before. Best of all, you can control the interface from your Apple® phone or tablet device.