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Our Fermata


Our fermata lasted longer than we intended. In music, a fermata can refer to a hold of sustained duration, its length defined by the performer. In our case, the length was defined by our focusing more on our customers and business than our blog. But the time off also helped us reflect on our … Read More »

Holiday Mix Tapes

I remember watching my parents prepare for the Christmas and New Year’s parties they hosted, and one of the lasting lessons I absorbed was how important it is to create a soundtrack for the guests’ enjoyment.  Today I guess we’d refer to this as creating a mix tape: sequencing favorite songs in a way that … Read More »

Why can’t seventy year-olds rock out on stage?

Why can’t seventy year-olds rock out on stage?

There were rumblings last week The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary tour happening in 2012, and already the snarky comments are surfacing on music blogs about Mick’s and Keith’s ages.  Comments that question the appropriateness of, or ability to, play rock music as a septuagenarian.

Earlier this month I attended a … Read More »