A Cause for Men to Celebrate


This past Sunday, June 10th, a dinner was held at the Peninsula Hotel, Chicago. Almost 300 men showed up: to smoke cigars, drink rare scotches and bourbons, dine on delicious prime rib and to talk about all of the things that we guys talk about from the age of 10 to 95. You know: sports, women, politics, movies, women and cars; usually in that order. This year’s gift bag included twelve premium cigars from around the world. It was a fantastic event, called Havana Day Dreaming which was held for the ninth straight year.

It was a fantastic event for three reasons. The first reason is because all of things I just wrote about in the previous paragraph.

The second reason is because almost 300 men gathered, again to raise money through ticket sales, live and silent auctions for research into a cure for prostate cancer, and other men’s health issues. Last year we raised $65,000 for research and I am confident that we will raise even more from this year’s event.

The third reason is more problematic. Men don’t take care of their own health. We care about everyone else, but we are loathe to even visit a doctor’s office, even if we play golf with that same doctor every Sunday during the summer. We don’t go to the dentist unless we can no longer chew our food, we don’t get aches and pains looked at, we won’t go and have a completely painless, ten minute procedure that can save our lives…that does save lives.

So, the Executive Board that I am honored to be a member of, bribes those almost 300, every year, to come out and eat, drink, smoke and eat red meat. We get more men every year, and we won’t quit until we solve this beatable disease, probably because we’re men, and we hate to lose.

Havana Day Dreaming X will be held at the Peninsula, Chicago next June 2013. If you are interested in attending, please send me a note at: charles@sanctuaryonmichigan.com

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