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The Best Audio System

Sanctuary’s Best System

When you want the very best home music and movie experience, you want the Sanctuary system. Complete digital surround sound, concert-quality music, and the most immersive PS3® and Xbox360® gaming ever. Custom-installed in your basement, family room, or other large space beginning at $175,000. The system includes:

  • DSP 8000v.2 and DSP 7200 speakers
  • DSW subwoofers
  • 861V6 surround sound processor
  • 818 audio core digital music client
  • HD621 HDMI controller
  • Reference-level Blu Ray disc player
  • Automatic formatting movie projector and screen
  • Integration of cable/satellite sources, gaming systems, and other video sources
  • Custom sound and video calibration tuned to specific room

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