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Whole House Entertainment

If you are committed to having a “multi-zone” entertainment system, where you and your guests can enjoy all your music and movies in stunning digital quality in several rooms all at once, or listening to different music in different rooms at the same time, the whole house system is scalable from four to seventy-two (or more) separate zones. A typical six-zone system, with most rooms featuring hidden, digital speakers and a high-definition video switcher, controlled by your Apple tablet, costs around $72,000. The system includes:

  • DSP 420 digital in-wall speakers (six pairs)
  • MC 600 multi-zone digital music server
  • Eight-zone high definition video switcher
  • Six reference-level flat screens
  • Integration of cable/satellite sources, gaming systems, and other video sources
  • Custom sound and video calibration tuned to specific room

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